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Join us as we support the farming community to elevate the welfare of animals in food production.

A mother pig touches her nose to a small piglet.

We are Kinder (as in BE KIND) Ground.

At Kinder Ground, our vision is a world that shares responsibility for cultivating kindness, compassion, and respect for the animals and people that sustain us.

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Beginning To Make A Difference


4 Project Grants Awarded

A Kinder Ground core belief is that everyone needs to have skin in the game. Seed funding given by our co-founders is kickstarting the work. With 3 projects complete, 1 in progress and several more in development we are on our way to creating a more compassionate food system.


2 Committed Recurring Donors

Whether you earn to give or give to glow, committing to a recurring donation creates a habit of compassion that will reach thousands of animals today and into the future.


3 Pledges Designating Kinder Ground As Estate Beneficiary

Long-term planning doesn’t have to be a downer! You can rest easy knowing your legacy is in good hands and improving the lives of animals.

Ideas & Resources

Explore the project related resources we’ve created and collected to support the farming community.

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Fitness For Transport: Making better decisions sooner

The condition of cattle when they arrive at market or slaughter are a direct reflection of the care and compassion they receive while on farm. It is critical that as an industry we work to ensure that only cows fit for transport are allowed for sale.

The logo for the Dairyland Initiative, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Everything you need to know about dairy cattle housing and hoof care

Friends don’t let friends build or renovate barns without checking out the Dairyland Initiative’s web site! From foot baths and hoof health to new builds and fans you will find it here.


How to score locomotion

Until we all have the help of the cloud, understanding how to score locomotion is essential to managing hoof health. Locomotion scoring is a must have skill and needs to be practised on every dairy so that individual cattle are identified and treated quickly, and the information can be used to develop and monitor the effectiveness of prevention strategies.

A man in a backwards baseball cap smiling a he trims a cow's hoof.

Hoof trimming basics

We learned from our Kinder Hoof Consultation that even the most experienced hoof trimmers benefit from regular review and calibration. Check out Dr. Gerard Cramer’s YouTube videos on proper hoof trimming techniques.

Support farmers. Support animals.

Sleep well knowing that Kinder Ground has a 100% donation guarantee which means your whole contribution goes toward helping farmers & animals.

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